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University of Management and Technology offers a broad range of more than 150 bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs in a diverse range of disciplines that meet the academic standards set forth by HEC. Under the umbrella of UMT, the School of Pharmacy is working efficiently to keep its tradition alive through students, faculty, and staff by working together to provide innovative education, conduct pioneering research, deliver cutting-edge clinical practice, and improve public health.

We want to produce graduates who are competent, skillful, resourceful, ethical, and professional. The school would aim to provide the students the opportunity to learn in state-of-the-art teaching facilities such as spacious and well-equipped lecture rooms, cutting-edge teaching laboratories, and dedicated library space at a very competitive annual tuition fee.

The students would have the opportunity to learn experientially by offering them to learn in real practice settings including pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, and retail pharmacy outlets, as well as in the campus pharmacy where they can apply their knowledge into practice.

The UMT School of Pharmacy would use a multidisciplinary approach that would focus on the development of key skills and competencies along with the delivery of core scientific and clinical knowledge that are required to produce pharmacists with sufficient mental acuity to differentiate their true role in the triangle of the health care system.


To serve as a sustainable School of life-long learners through excellence in innovation and

research with pharmacy education for the improvement of society with care and service.


To produce professionals with leadership qualities in pharmacy education, and clinical practice

who are ready to serve the needs of global pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations.


To focus on the development of an up-to-date clinical and pharmaceutical knowledge, strong ethical values, excellent communication skills and ability to engage in an impactful and quality research.


  1. Professionalism
  2. Diversity
  3. Interprofessional collaboration
  4. Innovation


We are dedicated to producing high-quality pharmacists who can contribute to improving the health of our community through delivery of safe, effective and quality healthcare to patients. The School of Pharmacy believes that theory, along with practical education, helps better prepare the students for their careers as pharmacists in a variety of settings. Our aim is to build upon our renowned reputation of providing quality research that is both relevant and beneficial to Pakistan. Pharmacists are the medicine experts - they are concerned with ensuring that people receive the most suitable medicines and gain the maximum health benefit from them. To achieve this, pharmacists spend much of their time talking to patients and their family, caretakers and a range of healthcare professionals about medicines.

Pharmacists work in a variety of roles and their role in patient care is expanding, allowing them to directly help more people get the most from their medicines. The school would aim to offer high quality and advanced pharmacy education to students in state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities at a competitive tuition fee. The school would be establishing and initiating working collaborations with reputable hospitals, local and multi-national pharmaceutical industries, large retail pharmacy chains, international institutions, including universities, to not only facilitate students’ learning but also to generate financial revenue through research grants and awards.

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