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Internation Webinar OSCE Workshop Quality education An International webinar was organized by the International Pharmaceutical Student’s Federation (IPSF) in collaboration with the UMT School of Pharmacy on March 6, 2022


Internation Webinar Internation Webinar Cell signaling pathways Quality education An international webinar of Mr Donald RJ Singer was organized at SPH on April 19, 2022. The webinar was attended
by Pharm D students, Dean SPH and Faculty members of SPH


Internation Webinar Internation Webinar- Improving Community Pharmacy Practice Skills using virtual Simulation Tools Quality education Simulation based teaching offers a practical and verbal alternative to pharmacy students to help them develop their pharmacy practice skills. The UMT school of pharmacy has introduced simulation-based teaching at the school using MyDispense (a virtual pharmacy tool) in order to provide the students a safe learning environment where they can learn and apply their basic skills in responding to complex, stressful and high-risk situations without the fear of making an error.


Internation Webinar International Webinar-Student to Pharmacist: Journey of a UK registered Pharmacist" Quality education UMT school of Pharmacy arranged an International webinar for SPH students and faculty members on the topic, Student to Pharmacist: journey of a UK registered Pharmacist. The speaker was Dr. Sarah Baig who is a registered pharmacist in UK and is serving as Pharmacy professional Development and Governance Lead, Dudley integrated Health and Care NHS trust, UK.


Internation Webinar International Webinar-Neuroanatomy Signal Reception and Translation in the Brain Quality education The School of Pharmacy arranged an International Webinar on “Neuroanatomy Signal Reception and Translation in Brain” on 26th January 2023. The guest speaker Dr Mathias Rhein from Hannover Medical School Germany 


Internation Webinar Internation Webinar-""How to Improve Presenting Skills" Quality education  UMT SPH - School of Pharmacy expresses its sincere gratitude to the guest speaker Dr Mathias Rhein from Hannover Medical School Germany for delivering such as an insightful webinar for our students.


Internation Webinar International Webinar-Artificial Intelligence for accomplishing better health for everyone Quality education and Good Health and well-being The UMT SPH - School of Pharmacy hosted a webinar on the use of AI in healthcare. The webinar titled “Artificial intelligence for accomplishing better health for everyone” focused on the various applications of AI and machine learning in healthcare including improved diagnostics, data analysis, personlised treatment, enhanced workflow, prediction of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) and Adverse Drug Events (ADEs), sound clinical decision making and patient monitoring.


Internation Webinar FREE HYBRID WEBINAR-Enhancing Pharmacy Practice Education and Training with MyDispense. Quality education UMT SPH - School of Pharmacy conducted a Free hybrid webinar titled "Enhancing Pharmacy Practice Education and Training with MyDispense (a virtual pharmacy teaching tool)". The webinar provided an overview of MyDispense, types of exercises that can be created in MyDispense, how to use this virtual tool to supplement practice-based learning and learning effective ways of integrating this tool into pharmacy curriculum/training programs and assessments


Internation Webinar REE HYBRID WEBINAR-SYSTEMATIC REVIEWS AND META-ANALYSIS: AN OVERVIEW  Quality education UMT School of Pharmacy conducted a free webinar on systematic review and meta-analysis. The session focused on the fundamental principles of systematic reviews and their significance in research. It emphasised the importance of transparent reporting and assessing the risk of bias in included studies. The webinar concluded by highlighting the challenges that researchers may encounter when conducting systematic reviews and meta-analysis including heterogeneity, publication bias and interpretation of results.

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