Research Overview

The School of Pharmacy embraces "Research First" and "Open-door" as the basic principles, and advocates "practice-oriented research and education" based on creative researches, and always opens its doors to the world as a research-intensive university. Backed by vision and professionalism, the School of Pharmacy aims to solve various difficult problems faced by modern society and to fulfill its obligations to the future of humanity and the earth. The School of Pharmacy aims to create excellent educational resources and an excellent educational environment through frontline researches.

To achieve the above-mentioned purposes, the following objectives are set:

  1. Lead the academic world and conduct internationally high-level researches in each field
  2. Aim to discover new phenomena and create new technologies, based on principles and rules in natural phenomena and pursuit of truth in each discipline of Pharmacy.
  3. Conduct cutting-edge researches to lead the academic and industrial worlds at home and abroad and create and develop new academic and technological fields
  4. Aim to globalize research and education
  5. Provide suggestions for the future of humanity and the earth, based on high-level academic foundations and vision
  6. Conduct researches that contribute to the development of human resources who can play a leading and core role in society and researchers who can conduct cutting-edge researches.

To achieve the above-mentioned goals, the following subjects are emphasized:

  • Raise research levels to global standards and aim to activate and advance researches further
  • Promote a wide range of researches, from basic researches to cutting-edge researches
  • Actively disclose results of not only individual researches but also other researches to return research results to society, promote industry-academic-government research projects and regional partnership research projects, and promote corporatization and commercialization
  • Establish an organizational structure in which flexible responses to cross-cutting research systems, including cutting-edge fields and new fields, are possible, despite the basic principle that classes and majors in the same field should be emphasized
  • Establish a research system corresponding to the promotion of academic researches
  • Endeavor to develop a research performance evaluation system to encourage the teaching staff to carry out research activities
  • Aim to develop a research environment in which young researchers can become active
  • Conduct self-assessment and actively incorporate results of external evaluations with a view to improving the quality of researches and extending researches to interdisciplinary domains
  • Aim to manage research space effectively

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